4 days to go

IMG_1643The last few weeks have gone very quickly as predicted. We’ve now moved out of the house and are squatting at Viv’s, hoping the phone doesn’t ring too much with issues being reported by the tenant – and also hoping that they look after our lovely home. The last two weekends have been all about packing up our possessions and storing them safely away and generally getting the house ready for the tenant whilst still working (well possibly not too much!). At the same time we’ve been fitting in a round of “farewell” drinking sessions so here we are with 4 days to go feeling pretty exhausted and trying to make sure we’ve done everything we’re supposed to have before we can get away.

In among all of the other jobs we’ve also booked our accommodation (mainly AirBnB)¬†for the Christmas and New Year period in Australia as we realised that things get very busy at that time and we were beginning to panic about having to pay through the nose for whatever would have been left. So we’ve booked places in Coffs Harbour, Noosa Heads and Frazer Island, taking us up to the 9th of January when Natalie and Thomas leave to return to the UK. Hopefully after that, as we continue up the east coast, the busy period will be over. (We’ll plan the rest of it out while we’re in Mauritius with, hopefully, a bit more time on our hands.)

The cars go back on¬†Thursday morning leaving us two days to survive without transport – must remember to book a taxi for the airport. Between now and Saturday there’s still a list of tasks to be ticked off, hopefully manageable.


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