Exactly 4 weeks till we go….

….and 3 weeks until we have to get out of the house, the to-do list isn’t shrinking fast enough! Still we’ve got a bank holiday this weekend and are intent on grafting the whole 3 days so, hopefully, we’ll have made progress by the time Tuesday comes along.

I’ve spent all day painting today and now I’m shattered – but at least there’s not much more painting left to do now and the self-imposed milestone is that, by the end of this weekend, there’ll be no more DIY; the tenant will have to make do with things as they are, shouldn’t be a hardship. After this weekend the focus has to shift to de-cluttering, throwing things out and packing things into boxes for storage. Also there’s loads of paper work to be sorted and taken to the shredder. Hopefully we’re on top of the admin related to going away – cancelling subscription, contracts, etc – although we’ve still got to book the remainder of our trip.

I put my pride and joy on eBay last week and the auction closes tomorrow. I can’t quite believe that I’ve done this but then I’ve hardly ridden it theDSC_0202se last 12 months so it’s not as if I’ll miss it. I’m going to put two more of my bikes on eBay this weekend which will leave me with one road-bike and one mountain bike. With the proceeds from this grand sell-off I intend to buy some decent under-water lighting. I’ve realised that, although my camera is good for underwater work, below a certain depth, everything looks blue. The other week in Menorca I missed a great shot of a Grouper. It was almost posing for me but when I took the shot all that came out was a dark shadow – not enough light! So once the proceeds come in I’ll be off shopping. There should even be enough left over to pay for the first months rent on our little apartment in Mauritius.

DM CertFinally, I couldn’t resist publishing my newly acquired Divemaster certificate, mainly because I’m so happy to have gained it, thanks in no small part to Mark, Richard and the rest of the team at Wraysbury Dive Centre. This accomplishment is the main reason why I haven’t been riding my bike these last few months but I really enjoyed the process of passing the Divemaster course and look forward to going back for more once our travels are over. As for using it while we’re away. In theory I could use it to earn some (pocket) money although I’m not likely to want to do that. What I AM hoping to do is get friendly with the guys who run the dive centre round the corner from our little apartment in Blue Bay, Mauritius. Maybe if they need some help at the weekends then I can get some diving for free. We’ll see.

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