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requin-1I’m sure somebody will have joined the dots on these two stories which appeared on local web-sites on the same day – but I haven’t found any follow-up on the web yet.

The first, dating from 8 August, tells the story of an unfortunate tiger shark which ended up in the nets of a local fishing boat and “didn’t survive” – although the exact nature of its demise isn’t spelled out. The poor animal was brought to shore where the locals ended up cutting it up for their tables and, in the process of doing so, discovered 26 live baby sharks inside the dead female. After a bit of a struggle a number of locals succeeded in freeing these baby sharks back into their “natural environment” – the lagoon at Blue Bay, with one local expert estimating that about 50% of them would survive.

The second appeared later the same day in a different local journal describing how a number of sharks had been found in the lagoon – normally, I believe, shark-free and a playground for tourists with all sorts of water-sports on offer. The local police assured the reader that here was n5e6470eeb557794ee90382888e304a72_XLo cause for concern as they were just “of a small size”.

Now I don’t currently know very much about the lagoon and it’s ecosystem but I can’t help wondering what the impact of 26 baby sharks will be, in the short term as well as the longer term. Not to mention of course the fate of the 26 babies; will a busy lagoon really be the best environment to assure their survival?

Maybe this will be added to the priorities of the EcoSud organisation? They must have a view as they posted both articles on their Facebook page -without apparent comment. Maybe it’s too political.

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