Looks like we’ve got a tenant!

3rd week on the market and we’ve had an offer today which sounds perfect for us. A family, or at least a mother with 3 children, they want it furnished (so no storage costs or time spent moving) and they want to move in less than one week before we go off on our travels.

So fingers crossed it all checks out OK – but then, if it does, we’ll need to be out of here in 4 weeks time. So why are we sitting here in front of the TV eating chocolate and drinking wine – there’s stuff to do!

Tomorrow we’ll have to wake up early and get into “doing” mode – for the next 5 weeks. There’s a not insignificant DIY snag list to be worked through, personal belongings to be packed up and put in storage and still loads of paperwork/admin to be dealt with.

I’m sure it’ll all get done but the next 5 weeks are going to go very quickly and no doubt there’ll be some stressful times ahead. Anyway right now, time for another glass of wine and a bit of chocolate followed by an early night and then it can all start tomorrow. But tomorrow night’s my DM party/BBQ with associated hangover on Sunday!

We’ll get there!

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