More about Mauritius

Since we started planning this trip and telling people about what we’re going to be doing we’ve encountered a number of people who’ve been there and a number of themes have emerged.

It’s clearly a “Paradise Island” holiday destination and some people have gone there to experience just that – with the verdict being “lovely but a bit expensive”. It seems to be hard to find anybody who’s gone there on a budget holiday trip, but, from the few I have encountered, a strong theme which emerges is cockroaches.

One such report came from a work colleague, who arrived to find his budget hotel room infested and ended up changing hotels, at significant extra cost. So as we’re definitely at the budget end of the spectrum then I have a feeling that we’re going to have to get used to cockroaches and also whatever products one can buy locally to dissuade them from entering our apartment.

images-1Another thing this same colleague told me about was the amazing underwater waterfall, a famous natural phenomenon off the coast of the island. I found this intriguing as I couldn’t really understand how that would work – “heavy water” or unusual tides and currents? Anyway what I found when I Googled this underwater waterfall was almost as impressive as if it had been real – and it certainly looks impressive when seen from above. Don’t know that we’ll be spending money on a helicopter ride but maybe from the top of that mountain?

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