Blue BayThe first stop on our journey; we arrive on 27 September and stay until mid-December during which time we’ll be volunteering with a local organisation called EcoSud. You can find out more about EcoSud here but, briefly, they’re a small team dedicated to the conservation of the local lagoon and reef. The exact location is a town called Blue Bay in the south-east corner of the island, almost right at the end of the airport’s main runway. The organisation relies heavily on volunteers to help them carry out the various tasks upon which their mission depends – ranging from monitoring, collecting samples, clearing rubbish from the mangroves and educating the local population in sustainable practices. We’re delighted to have been successful in obtaining roles as interns for the 10 weeks of our stay and we’ve booked ourselves a small 100_2099appartment in the town, 5 minutes walk from the office and also from the beach – and conveniently there’s a dive centre just around the corner! We must mention the role played by another organisation, Working Abroad, who helped us find and apply for these roles. They specialise in matching volunteers to places within various conservation projects around the world and we’d highly recommend them to anybody who may be thinking of doing something similar.