The countdown continues

Less than 2 weeks to go now, the countdown will soon be into single figures and it’s finally beginning to feel like this is really happening.

The last two weeks have been rather intense, juggling work with finishing off DIY jobs, packing and also all the admin that goes with the trip. We’re still not quite there yet but we’re getting close; by this time next week we’ll have closed the door on the house for the last time until we come back; the tenant will be moving in!

As we’re going to be travelling and we’re getting on a bit we thought we’d finally get down

A sobering experience
A sobering experience

 to sorting our wills out and so one of the many admin jobs was to get along to a local solicitor and instruct her to prepare a draft. A very sobering experience going through all the standard questions about what we want to do with our estate and how we want our remains dealt with, etc. Also seeing the title page of the draft was, I have to admit, a bit of a shocker. Still we’ve been talking about getting one in place for over 20 years now so at least it’s done.

We’ve also had what seems like an endless series of forms to fill in from the estate agent in connection with the rental and a board has now appeared outside our house letting the whole neighbourhood know that we’re renting it out – free publicity for the estate agent; we can’t begrudge it though, they’ve done a good job for us so far.

The other thing that’s been happening is that our money has been pouring out of our bank account at a frightening rate; estate agents fees up front, direct debit for Tom’s student flat, £400 for car repairs, (prior to us handing it back to the dealer), new house insurance policy, materials to get the house ready for the tenant, professional cleaning on the house prior to renting, stuff to be bought for the trip and on and on! Our trip fund is being seriously depleted before we’ve even got to the airport!

It’ll be a relief to close that front door and squat at Viv’s for the final  8 or 9 days pre-departure.

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