Warming up in Menorca

DSC_0007So instead of being at home fretting over all of the things that need to be done before we leave on sabbatical we’ve been away sunning ourselves in Menorca these last 10 days and now we’re back home there are only 43 days until we leave – and the to-do list is still long.

Menorca was good though, temperature well above 30 °C each day and Thomas and I managed to fit in some diving around the IMG_0497family holiday without causing too many problems. We managed to get out and about a bit whilst spending lots of time by the pool and, of course, drinking far too much alcohol!

But now we’re back and trying to get focused on sorting everything out before the end of September and these next 6 weeks are going to go very quickly. I think most of what we need to do is either already done or in train but it’s the things that we might have forgotten about that are worrying me. Also the fact that everything takes longer than the planning accounts for.

Roller coaster ahead!

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